Pestalto Environmental Health Services Inc.

       The Canadian leader in Integrated pest management 

  1. Surveillance and Monitoring
    Surveillance and Monitoring
    Surveillance and Monitoring – mapping and surveillance of larval and adult mosquito vector habitats, monitoring of black fly populations, and monitoring gypsy moth infestations
  2. Larviciding Control Solutions
    Larviciding Control Solutions
    Control – ground and aerial application of larvacides and adulticides for mosquitoes, black flies, gypsy moth and more
  3. Consultation and Training Services
    Consultation and Training Services
    Consulting and training – including situation assessment, program development & implementation and training
  1. Gypsy Moth Control Programs
    Gypsy Moth Control Programs
    Mapping, surveillance, and treatment of gypsy moth infestations using ground and aerial ULV technology with biological products
  2. Adulticiding Services
    Adulticiding Services
    Adulticiding services for the control of adult mosquito populations in rural and urban environments
  3. Pesticide Sales
    Pesticide Sales
    Distributor of non-invasive/environmentally compatible control agents including natural and host specific bacteria such as Bacillus thuringiensis and MOSQUIRON® an Extended Residual Activity Insect Growth Regulator for Control of Mosquito and Midge Larvae.

About Pestalto

Mission Statement

Pestalto is a Canadian leader in successfully implementing integrated vector mosquito/biting fly management programs using environmentally compatible management strategies and proven technology.

Pestalto’s employees are fully trained and licensed to develop and implement all aspects of operational  integrated biting fly management programs. They are also experienced as trainers of staff that would participate in such programs.

Pestalto is a distributor of mosquito control equipment and products. Pestalto in cooperation with Makhteshim Agan and Tumaini Controlled Release Technologies developed a new long lasting novaluron larvacide formulation, MOSQUIRON.  Pestalto is the global sales agent for MOSQUIRON.

As a proponent of integrated vector mosquito management and to enhance the profile of MOSQUIRON  Dr. Tyler and his associates at Pestalto have travelled to Ethiopia, Southern Sudan, Nigeria, Ghana, Mexico and China and attended mosquito management conferences in the United States. 

Dr. Barry Tyler, President

Dr. Tyler’s career objective is to support the minimization of the impact of mosquito vectored diseases through the effective implementation of fully integrated vector management programs.
Dr. Tyler participated in the introduction and use of biological products containing the naturally occurring disease Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis (Bti) in the late -1980’s into the North American markets. Bti is a mosquito and black fly pathogen and as formulated larvacides replaced chemical larvacides across Canada.
Dr. Tyler’s company, Pestalto Environmental Health Services, was established in 1999, in response to the West Nile virus outbreak in the northeastern United States and the impending threat to Canada. Pestalto offers full-service, effective and environmentally friendly approaches to controlling nuisance and vector biting flies. 
As President of the Ontario Vector Control Association since 2001 he has provided leadership in the integrated management of mosquito vectors of West Nile virus. He is newsletter Editor for the Asian Society of Vector Ecology and Mosquito Control and a Member of the American Mosquito Control Association as well as other state and regional mosquito control associations in the U.S.
Dr. Tyler's blog is which relates some of his personal experiences in Africa and provides his opinions on current approaches to malaria control.

To improve the human condition by the transfer of vector mosquito control technologies and the implementation of fully Integrated Vector Management (IVM) strategies including and not to the exclusion of current management tactics.


Participate in the successful minimization of the impact of dengue and malaria and other vector mosquito borne diseases in countries where epidemic levels are a burden on health systems, on the economy and cause devastation at the personal, family and community levels.