Market Applications

In Agriculture

Dyna-Fog machines bring the advantages of small droplet technology to the farmer enabling optimum results to be achieved from a number of formulations.

In The Urban Environment

There are a number specialized situations where small droplet technology brings many advantages enabling optimum results to be achieved in areas often regarded as difficult to treat and also offers the opportunities for some novel applications.

In The Greenhouse

Applications of insecticides, fungicides and disinfectants with Dyna-Fog® ULV and fogging equipment results in the chemical being dispersed quickly and thoroughly to give a high standard of control.

Stored Products

The aerosol droplets created by Dyna-Fog® machines have many applications on foodstuffs and other products such as leather and tobacco in storage.

In Vector Control

The control of diseases vectors and nuisance insects such as mosquitoes, black flies, house flies, and sand flies is an important part of any public health program. A range of equipment suitable for controlling flying adult insects in any environment. Migrant Pest Control For the control of migrant pests such as Locust, Army Worm and Grasshoppers, as well as several other applications requiring low volume “drift spraying”.

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