The Greenhouse

Applications of insecticides, fungicides and disinfectants with Dyna-Fog® ULV and fogging equipment results in the chemical being dispersed quickly and thoroughly to give a high standard of control.

• With Dyna-Fog® ULV equipment the user can select a number of different droplet sizes, enabling the user to select the optimum droplet size for each type of chemical and obtain a higher standard of control.
• Fog particles will penetrate dense foliage.
• The low volume of water used will not raise the humidity or leave the foliage wet to promote the growth of diseases.
• Evenness of application ensures there are no visible deposits on fruit, flowers or leaves.
• The speed of the application gives great savings in time and permits the treatment to be made when convenient.
• All the required types of formulations can be applied.

For Best Results:

• Make the application when temperatures are above 60°F (15°C) so that there are enough thermal up-currents to keep the droplets circulating.
• Keep the house shut for at least 4 hours (fog) or 2 hours (ULV) before venting. Vent thoroughly before allowing re-entry.
• Ensure that the foliage is dry but that the plants are not wilting.
• Do not point the machine directly at the crops, but direct the machine so that the chemical is directed into the air space above or between the plants and set the chemical flow rate so that there is no fallout from the nozzle over valuable plants.
• To ensure even distribution of the formulation on the crop, the best results will be obtained if the machine is pointing upwards at 30° from the horizontal. The rate of chemical used should be that specified on the label but mixed with only 1˝ to 2 gallons per acre (15 to 25 liters per hectare). Do not exceed rates stated on product labels. With flowable and wettable powders, mix with a suitable carrier or the droplets can evaporate in the air at humidity levels below 85%.

A range of machines is offered to suit individual nursery sizes.

The Dyna-Fog® Trailblazer and Patriot are suitable for areas up to 1 acre (4000m˛) and will "throw" up to 70'(25m). The Dyna-Fog® BLACKHawk is for a larger area with a "throw" of 180'(60m) in Quonsets (single spans, walk-in tunnels). This "throw" is a little less in gutter connected (multi-span) houses.

The Dyna-Fog® Tornado has a "throw" of 60'(20m), while the Dyna-Fog® MISTER III has a "throw" of 120'(40m) or slightly less in gutter connected (multi-span) houses. The operator should position the machine so that by correctly utilizing the "throw", he should never be in the fog, and with the larger machines this often means that treatment can be carried out from the door, without the operator having to enter the house.

The Dyna-Fog® NIGHTSTAR® can treat areas up 60,000 sq ft. (6000 m˛) without the operator being present in the house, and is the only machine of its type in the world that the user can change the droplet size produced so that the different types of chemical can be applied in the droplet size optimal for their performance.