Vector Control

The control of diseases vectors and nuisance insects such as mosquitoes, black flies, house flies, and sand flies is an important part of any public health program. A range of equipment is available that is suitable for Adulticiding (controlling the flying adults) situations. Thermal Fogging is the preferred type of equipment when it is necessary to penetrate dense vegetation or when it is desirable to see the fog in the coverage area.

The Dyna-FogŪ GOLDEN Eagle is a portable thermal fogger that can be used to effectively treat small open areas, and is particularly efficient at penetrating dense vegetation. Adjustable output of 0-9 GPH. The Dyna-FogŪ BLACKHawk is a larger thermal fogger which can be occupied to a 30 or 55-gallon drum and mounted in a utility vehicle or truck for treating medium sized areas. 0-18 GPH output. The Dyna-FogŪ SILVERCloud and Dyna-FogŪ 1200 are large truck-mounted thermal fogging machines suitable for treating large areas. These units should not be used in heavy traffic conditions. The outputs are 0-40 GPH (SILVER Cloud) and 15-120 GPH (1200). The Dyna-FogŪ TWISTER XL3™ is a knapsack aerosol generator blessed with operator comfort as a priority to give ULV penetration for small scale operations. The Dyna-FogŪ MINI-Pro 8HP ULV is a small sprayer designed for use by golf courses, campgrounds, small towns and factory complexes for effective control. Unit delivers sufficient quantities of most approved formulations with a 300' swath width at speeds of 5-10 MPH. The Dyna-FogŪ Typhoon I ULV is a designed for small to medium sized cities and towns. Total remote operation from cab ensures operator safety. New single nozzle design utilizes additional air assistance to achieve uniform droplet distribution over 300' swath at speeds up to 20 MPH according to the pumping system utilized. The Dyna-FogŪ Typhoon II ULV is used in medium sized cities and towns. Dual adjustable nozzles with a remote spray/flush. Spray covers 300' swath width as speeds of 5-20 MPH. Attachment for controlling insects in sewers is available. The Dyna-FogŪ MAXI-Pro 4 ULV is a large capacity applicator ideally suited for use in larger cities or municipalities. Complete control from vehicle cab. Spray covers 300" swath and by utilizing 4 nozzles uniform dispersal of droplets is ensured at speeds of 5-20 MPH. An attachment for controlling mosquitoes in sewers is available. The DYNA-JETŪ L30 is the latest addition to Dyna-Fog's Vector Control family of products. It is the quietest and highest capacity electric ULV machine in the world utilizing state-of-the-art brushless motor and control technology.

Dyna-FogŪ ULV Pumping Systems

Diaphragm Pump- 12-volt diaphragm pump, chemical resistant construction. 0-128 oz/min (0-3785 ml/min) flow rate. High flow capability makes this pump ideal for applying Larvicides, Adulticides and Barrier Sprays. Available on: MINI-PRO 8HP, TYPHOON I, TYPHOON II ,MAXI-PRO 2D, MAXI-PRO 1800.

FMI Piston Pump-12-volt precision drive motor, piston pump with ceramic piston, carbon cylinder liner, stainless steel housing with TeflonŪ and VitonŪ seals. 0-16 oz/min (0-473 ml/min) output (ž" piston), and 0-20 oz/min (0-591 ml/min) with optional 3/8" piston. The FMI pump is available on: MINI-PRO 8HP, TYPHOON I, TYPHOON II, MAXI-PRO 4, MAXI-PRO 145, MAXI-PRO 1800 and DYNA-JETŪ L30 models.

Gear Pump-Variable speed, magnetically coupled, motor driven gear pump. Stainless steel body with carbon filled gears. No chemical contact with seals. 0-18 oz/min (0-532 ml/min) output. Synchroflow feature enables automatic output proportional to vehicle speed and "real time" digital display of vehicle speed. Available on TYPHOON I, MAXI-PRO 4, MAXI-PRO 1800, MAXI-PRO 145. Remote choke is standard on all Gear Pumping Systems.

Dyna-FogŪ Radar Synchroflow- This option is available on most Dyna-FogŪ vehicle mounted units. Output is proportioned to vehicle speed to ensure evenness of chemical distribution. Automatic cut-off above 20 MPH and below 4 MPH to ensure that chemical is only applied at the optimum speed. This features helps to minimize the environmental impact of the treatment by preventing over spraying. NO wiring connections are required to the vehicle.

A Spark Arrestor fitted to the engine exhaust for use in high risk sites. Machine covers are available for when the machine are stoned outside. Lockable Caps for the formulation tank are supplied with the MINI-PRO 8HPT, Typhoon I, Typhoon II, DYNA-JETŪ L30 and MAXI-Pro models. Automatic Engine Idle-Back is available to reduce the noise and to conserve fuel when the machine is not spraying. Remote choke and automatic high speed and low speed spray cutoff is standard on all Gear Pumping Systems. Refer to each individual model for the exact features available.